Monday, June 8, 2009


Floating endlessly through a misty gray haze
pushing onward, numb to all emotion, compulsively
insightful thoughts invade, I surrender
one stiletto heel in, one sneaker out.
I cringe away from a peaceful reflection
my heart drowns in self degradation
reaching from a past blocked out
but logic and practicality overrule
sending soft sensitivity to the stocks.
Paper dams hold back rushing emotion
holding on for dear life
dread overcomes and threatens to stifle
Imaginative fantasies abound
but reality rules with an iron hand
realization hits like an earthquake:
No amount of lipstick or skirts
long silky hair, or nylon hose
masks of foundation nor pretty shadows
luxurious lace or satin garments
no compliments, mistaken courtesies
physical modifications or innovations
will ever be enough
to fill this hole.


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