Thursday, July 16, 2009

Between Worlds

What am I doing
by pursuing this avenue?
I've already progressed
past the first stage.
I've gone past GO
I've collected my $200.
And yet more desires
lie ahead.

Where am I going?
I'm traveling around
in a circle
each time past the origin
I get closer to the point
of no return.
I must turn back
but my arms won't move.

How did this happen?
what torrent of rain
brought me here?
What deeds from my past
or seeds from my soul
could have ever sprouted

When did it take place?
that my heart was no longer satisfied
with who I am as a man?
A 3rd grade comment
out of my own mouth?
Jealousy of a friend
shrouded in silk?
Pleasure from a dip
into a world inaccessible?
with a partnership?
At what point on the timeline
do I need to go back to?

Who am I?
The man, the loving husband
successful, confident, ambitious?
The woman inside
emotional, empathic, serene?
Some mixed-up, turmoil-ridden combination
of both?

When you're standing between worlds
2 sides battling with each other
which side do you choose?


Rick Muth said...

Debra, Expressing yourself this way is good for both your heart and soul.


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