Monday, July 13, 2009

Intoxicating Femininity

Adding some archived poetry for the next couple posts:

Everyday, I get caught up in work and the world
a world full of drab, it's not a bad life, but something is missing.
It's then that I'm reminded of my femininity
by the intoxicating smell of perfume
rising up and filling the air around me.

It takes me back to a dream world
where the softness of silk is constantly slipping
back and forth , across my skin.
Where the delicate feeling of lace,
sends shivers of pleasure down my spine.
A mirror appears in front of me
and I see:
the allure of long lashes batting innocently,
the seduction of color-shadowed eyes boring into my soul,
the shininess of glossy full lips smiling back at me in pure giddiness.
The feathery feel of long, smooth hair spilling onto my shoulders,
to the sexiness of a supple bosom caressed by a glorious brassiere,
to the feeling of swishing freedom only a perfect skirt can give,
under which, the soft swaying of hips swishing as I walk.
to the thrill of a garter belt hugging my creamy thighs,
clasped to flowing stockings encasing my smooth legs.
to the snug fit of high heels on my feet,
my pink-painted toes playing peek-a-boo
while making the click-clack sound that
makes my heart skip a beat, every time I hear it.

"Good morning"
My cloud 9 dream is interrupted by my boss walking in
and I'm back to algorithms and computer code
until the intoxicating scent of perfume
rises up again.


Jose J said...

If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would never again question your beauty.

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