Monday, July 13, 2009


It begins with a tingling
bowel rumble, stomach pang
the source, unknown.

I run to the restroom
into the stall
to no alleviation.

Then sudden pain
scalp searing, hot
threadlike growing tresses
sliding down my back.

I throw my hands up to investigate
but stop mid-air
as surrounding pain shoots through them
they're shrinking??

Abrupt chest prickling
cones of skin begin to bulge
shirt swiftly clinging tighter
what is happening?

I run to the mirror
and tug at my shirt
finding a booming, heaving bosom
my eyes widen.

My lashes begin tickling
nose presses in
while lips inflate to fullness
and my chin rounds out.

My jeans start to sag
as my waist collapses in
and abdomen sires curvature
while shoulders enfold upon themselves.

Hips begin to expand, buttocks amplify
and realization starts to hit.
Frantically, I reach for my last scrap
of manhood.

But too late
my soft hands are empty
finding just smooth skin
among an inversion of virility.

Confusion rises
replaced by needles of pain
all over my body
muscles compressing inward.

Strands of tiny hair
diminish everywhere
leaving my skin
delicately smooth.

Comprehension dons
fear, anxiety consume
yet under it all
excitement flutters.

My mouth drops open
doubts are futile
the reflection gapes back at me
I am a woman.


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