Friday, August 7, 2009

Boy Girl Did

There once was a boy
forced to grow up.
On the outside
it seemed seamless
even easy,
for him.
But inside raged a battle
overcome by burial.

There was also a girl
longing for freedom,
comfort, and love.
She danced and played
only for a short time
before falling into the shadow
of aspired adulthood.

The boy and girl
fought constantly.
They were so different
yet also the same.
The boy won most arguments
the girl eventually gave up
and ran away forever.

The boy began searching
for something that was missing
but he had forgotten
that it was the girl
he had turned away.
He lived on
conquering goals
in his adulthood.

Till one cloudy day
the girl walked in
to his surprise.
Now he remembered her
and was delighted;
joyous excitement
running through his veins.

He waited on her
hand and foot
while catching up
on what he had missed.
She told him she loved him
and could no longer bear
being apart.
His heart pounded
with utter elation.

He embraced her
but others did not approve
of their union.
They had to sneak out
always in secret
just to be together.

Even so,
a new found love
blossomed in his heart.
He gave himself unto her
and they both smiled

He'd bring her flowers
buy her chocolates
spend countless time
with her.
Even when away from her
he thought of her

Others told him
what he was doing
was wrong.
But condemnation
he could not feel
for loving her.

Then came the day
when revelation hit
like a wrecking ball
to a bridge.

How could this love work?
She would want him to leave
his friends, his family
and run away with her
never to be seen again.

He couldn't do that.
Quickly, he retreated
back into his old ways;
their old arguing
began again.

She couldn't bear it:
to leave him again.
She'd hug him close
try to show him her love
and for a few seconds
he'd give in to her warmth
but then he'd squirm away.

The others encouraged.
He must be doing
the right thing.
But if God didn't want
them together,
then why did He put her
in his life?

Alas it became
a daily battle.
He'd deny her
and then fall into
deep depression
because he knew
he still needed her.

He couldn't have her
without losing himself
in her.


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