Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This could save me
or be my destruction.
Beautiful sunrise
or dark alley demise.
Repudiation or ratification.
I should be down the path
but I'm still at the crossroads
slowly being torn apart.
Longing misdirected
or yearning true?
Answers to motive
consistently just apparel.
Yet pure need
pushes on me
I can't breathe.
Restlessness overtakes me
and satisfaction persists
only as vapor.
I see the destructive future
that awaits
yet urgency inside
sees no other way.
My hand is in the fire
yet I refuse to pull it out.
Trapped in this frame
where relationship is facade
innocence is ridiculed
and tenderness is rebuked.
To provide comfort and security
yet never taste of it.
Freedom is a lockbox
jammed wide open
these desires inside,
requiring to wedge it closed,


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