Thursday, August 20, 2009

Relentless Façade

Serene Lagoon, glistening peacefully
seemingly lucid, bright sunrise ahead.
Yet beneath the surface, beyond the looking glass
the truth lies, bare and bound
enclosed and drowning, in the dark recesses.
A raging thunder without a sound
righteous ridicule, subliminal suggestion
crushing in from all sides.
There's no escape, except for abandoning air;
nowhere to turn, no understanding, nobody listening.
Amidst the pain, justified longing only intensifies
a constant screaming, piercing the soul
unable to escape this corporeal coil.
Steadily shamed and adamantly accused
frailty in yielding, impaired surrender.
Yet the only nemesis in need of confrontation
remains merely essence of self;
that which cannot be fought and won.
Helpless melancholy overtaking
there's nowhere to run.


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