Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Realization and revelation
bring troubling clarity.
Two paths lay before me
both just as destructive
no matter what anybody
The eastward path
means succumbing
to inner desires
at the possible expense of
love, family, friends
even employment;
yet striving to belong
The other option
is an inward battle
eating me alive
bitterness creeping in
feeding on depression
breeding hate
at the injustice of it all.
Where are the other paths?
Isn't there some other way?
I'm at the intersection
where's the Z axis?


Kelli Bennett said...

I refuse to believe that both paths are destructive. One of them life altering maybe but is it truly destructive?

Granted I am guessing her.

Caroline said...

I thought I had found a path along the Z axis but I was still eaten away inside.

Caroline xxx

Violet.X8 said...

Exactly, I couldn't put it better words..... I'm looking for that escape button too, but sticking to the path will payoff:-)

Debra said...

Hehe thanks girls. I rediscovered about 10 poems I had posted to Facebook during my suppression last year and wanted to get them onto my blog, but on the dates they were written and not as new posts. This was one of those, I accidentally posted it as a new one and had to change it.

At the time I saw the pros and cons of transition or not and I was trying to find some 3rd option....and of course never found one.

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