Saturday, September 5, 2009

To Heart

What have you done?
Did you think you could get through to me
with threats and condemnation?
Did you really think
that would be helpful?
Are you words really chosen out of love
when they're spoken
with such fierceness?
Is that needed?
Do you know how much you've hurt me?
I cannot blame you for my own actions
but state of mind can be accountable.
You do realize that I have not even made a decison
don't you?
How can you condemn me when I have not even begun?
What church discipline can be brought up on me
for future prospects, yet undecided?
I stood on the brink, trying to understand
instead of embracing me in Jesus
you chose to shove me over.
Your harsh words still ring in my head;
do you think that makes me feel loved?
I opened my heart, have been honest from the start
and yet by doing so, I only get it thrown
back in my face.
Did God call you to treat me so?
Is that your righteous reasoning?
These words of mine are not meant to afflict
but to express that which could not be shown
without careful contemplation,
insightful isolation, and retreating reflection;
this is how I feel brother
take it to heart.


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