Monday, November 23, 2009

Conglomerate Update

Well there isn't any one big thing going on that I thought I'd write about lately so I'll just write up an update post of all the little things that are going on.

1. I start hormones next week! During my last session, my counselor let me know that she was ready to give me a referral letter to begin Hormone Replacement Therapy and that she'd have the letter ready for me this Wednesday (the 25th). I was ecstatic! I had been more than ready to begin at the beginning of the month but my counselor had wanted to let some time go by first and I begrudgingly went along with it. But now the waiting is almost up and I can really begin to look and feel like I should and that's more than exciting, it's wonderful. Friday, I met with a doctor in Seattle and this morning I went in for some blood test labs. My next appointment with the doctor is on Tuesday, December 1st and he will go over the recommended options for me and then (hopefully) prescription! Thus will begin the biological portion of my transition.

2. I went in for my 2nd laser treatment today for my face. I came prepared this time, I used the EMLA cream my doctor prescribed an hour beforehand and pressed saran wrap up to my face for that hour to keep in the numbing agent. The results....well it still hurt but it was definitely not as bad as the 1st session. Although I speculate that the reason behind this is based more on the fact that I have less hair to kill than the fact that I used the EMLA cream hah. I also decided to switch my brazilian package over to chest/armpits as they are a more immediate need. Later in the future I will have to look into the brazilian package again depending on which surgeon I end up picking for my SRS....and that's still a ways away. 1st appointment for chest/armpits is next Monday and then the next appt for Face, chest, and armpits will be on January 4th.

3. This last Saturday, I had the help of some friends to get a bunch of furniture and lots of bins of packed stuff into a 10x10 rented storage unit. The house is looking much more roomier now and we still have a few more things to send off to storage and the good will but then we need to jump into "cleaning mode" and get the carpets cleaned and fix up things around the house so we can get the house on the market during the month of December.

4. Once the house goes on the market, my wife is going to stay with some friends from her church for a while as a first go of separation. She has also said she'll be writing up a proposal for how we should divide finances and such for our impending divorce. I'm sure it won't be the final draft but hopefully we can come to an agreement without involving lawyers on either side.

5. The holidays are coming up and I'm not invited to thanksgiving at my parents' house. So I've been invited to 2 different dinners, one at my friend, Sophia's house and another at my friend Nate and Ria's house. I'm going to try to make both of them as they are offset each other but we will see. I hope that Christmas brings different results as my aunt, uncle, and grandfather are coming up but who knows what my parents will do at this point. Hopefully by now they realize that rejecting me will not deter me from my transition.

6. It gets harder every Monday morning to goto work as someone else after spending the whole weekend as myself. At this point in time, I still think that I need to let the hormones take effect before worrying about how to "come out" to work but I do think that I will be writing up a letter for them within the next month or two and begin trying to organize telling the Ceo and HR manager about it a few months ahead of when I would finally go full time. Patience is a virtue the meantime, I need to keep working hard.

7. Finances are a bit crazy even without a mortgage payment. We are trying to rein in our spending habits and I am trying to pace out transition costs as well. Meanwhile we're also spending a good amount of money on the house, we probably spent a few hundred dollars on plastic bins to pack things in alone, we didn't want to shell out for cardboard boxes that we wouldn't ever use again. I also had to pay to get new brakes and calipers on the Avenger so that was a huge unexpected cost this month....and of course Christmas is coming up so buying presents for everyone weights on the thoughts as well.

All in all, things are going very well.


Sophia Athena Farren said...

I know what you mean about work, ugh. But we'll both get through it! The funny thing is that we may come out at work around the same time lol!

Hopefully you can spend a couple of hours at Thanksgiving over at my house, no doubt everyone will love to meet you!

Also like I said before real girls take 3 pain pills before laser removal, not some cream. :)

Grace said...

Boy, that is quite an update. It sounds like you have a lot going on. Just a suggestion on the laser. Hormones and anti-androgens will take of a lot of the body hair for you. Underarms would be okay to do, but the recommendations I have seen say to wait until you have been on 'mones for a year before spending money to have other hair removed. Think of all the clothes you could get with what you save!

And I sympathize with you about the going to work issues. I am simply looking at it as further adventures in cross-dressing. I used to worry about presenting well as a woman, now it is becoming more of a problem presenting as a male as it is almost exclusively for work!

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