Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon Transition

So my wife and I went and saw "New Moon" in the theater this afternoon. In the movie, Bella, the main character, wants Edward, her vampire boyfriend, to "tun her into" a vampire so she can be with him forever. He is hesitant because he doesn't think he (or any other vampire) has a soul and he wants her to live, die of old age, and go to heaven (essentially).

I was taken aback at the parallel between this and my transition. I have been longing to transition to womanhood for a while now and I've had nothing but constant bombardment from family, some friends, church, and wife telling me why they won't "let me" do it or why I shouldn't do it because I will go to hell.

In Bella's case, (Spoiler alert) they are forced to commit to changing her at some point in the future and she is of course glad of this because she did not have the power to do it on her own. In my case, it was me taking ahold and saying "Look, I need to do this." for once in my life.

And it's a good feeling.


Jessica Sideways said...

I am so glad that you made the decision to transition! I am really happy for you!

Sophia Athena Farren said...

I had a similar experience watching True Blood season 2, in it a newly created vampire, a young girl falls in love with a human guy. The mom is dead set against their relationship saying she isn't a real woman, that she can't have kids, doesn't menstruate and other things. EXACTLY things my mom said to me about why I could never be a real woman. Jessica (that vampire) is a character I related to strongly because of the prejudice she faced was eerily similar to what I'm facing.

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