Thursday, December 10, 2009

Emotional Medley

Smiling through a thousand tears
adolescent fears consume
plastic smile, don't let anybody in
everyday, I just play the part
fooling everyone except my heart
hiding in my skin, broken from within.

When darkness turns to light
there's a song inside of my soul;
it could break my heart or save me
but I won't cry for yesterday
there's an ordinary world
somehow I have to find.

I'm through with playing by the rules
of someone else's game
there's no place to hide
but I don't think I'm scared.

Well I can't really take credit for the words, phrases....I essentially strung together parts of many songs that have a very emotional effect on me and transition in general. I'll name them here:

Mariah Carey - Looking in
Defying Gravity - Glee
The Real Me - Natalie Grant
It Ends Tonight - The All American Rejects
Only Hope - Mandy Moore
Sober - Kelly Clarkson
Ordinary World - Duran Duran
This Side - Nickel Creek
Reflection - Christina Aguilera


Rebecca said...

This was really neat Debra. Very nicely put together! It always amazes me how there are certain songs which seem to express so well exactly what I'm thinking or feeling; almost like the writer could see into my heart. Strangely enough I often find the same thing with greeting cards. It's another Hallmark moment!!!

Hey, send me an e-mail sometime, I have a question for you. Thanks!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous melange, darling!


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