Sunday, December 13, 2009

MAC "Smokey Eyes" Makeover

Earlier this week, I made an appointment to get a makeover at MAC. Saturday night was Ingersoll Gender Center's Snowball event (dance/christmas get together) and I wanted to get a little bit glammed up than my everyday makeup look. So I called them up on Wednesday and got an appointment. The girl asks me "Is it for you or for a girl?". I wanted to cry but I said "It's for me". For days after, I would regret not saying "It's for me but I'm a girl or It's for me, I'm transgender". Such is life. Her next question made it worse though: "Do you want a soft smokey eye or something more drag?" and my heart just totally sank. I of course blathered out "No, no drag...just the soft smokey's for a dance.".

Well I was feeling rather self conscious over the next few days and on Saturday morning, even though I knew they'd still be taking the makeup off when I got there, I still applied beard concealer, eyeshadow, and eye liner. When I arrived at MAC, (right on time, I might add) they were pretty busy helping customers so I walked around the store glancing at different shades of eyeshadow but once again, I found myself not interested in any of it because I knew i couldn't afford to buy anything that day. So I ended up waiting at the counter while the ladies rang up a couple other people. When they were done, I heard them say something about the 12 oclock appointment and then one of them turned to me and said and I'm guessing that's you? I said "yes" but again, my heart completely fell. Was I that easy to read? The gal asked another girl if she was going to do my makeover and she said yes after she helped another customer with some blush....but the look on this girl's face looked like she was none to happy about it. By this time, I think my self confidence was at an all time low, and I followed them into the makeover room and sat and waited for the lady to be done.

I sat there looking in the mirror at myself and wanted to cry. I felt like my heart was on my sleeve and I was at their mercy to crush it. Then I was very surprised when the girl came bursting in and saying "Hi my name is Ali" and gave me a big hug and a sweet smile. And things started to get better from there. She was really more than nice the whole time, very sweet, helping me and showing me what she was doing and even letting me try some of it. Then we got to eyelashes and she showed me how to curl them with an eyelash curler, a great and new experience. I made some comments here and there making sure she knew that I didn't want anything 'drag'-ish and when she did my eyebrows a little darker, I said something about "as long as it doesn't look guy-ish" and she said "oh no honey, I won't let that happen!". She also understood when I said I couldn't buy anything that day but asked her to write down all the names and shades of makeup she used so that I could come back when I could afford it. She gladly obliged. She also at one point said, "I hope you come back, you're so sweet." and I beamed.

After everything was over, I looked in the mirror and wow, it didn't look like I had that much makeup on at all and yet I thought I looked really good. She and the other girls said I looked very beautiful and I found myself with a much easier step and lighter heart leaving the place than when I had first arrived.

Thanks to the girls at MAC for once again making my experience a good one, even if it started out a bit shakey for me. And special thanks to Ali for doing a great job and treating me like just another girl. =)

Before and After pics:


Sophia Athena Farren said...

So glad it went well once the makeover started. Ugh, I couldn't believe it when you told me your experience over the phone, felt like smacking that girl or sharing a few choice words (Or both? lol).

Leslie Ann said...

A very good look for you, Debra. I can't believe you'd never used an eyelash curler. You can make your eyes "pop" even without mascara. One of my only tricks!

I'm glad you stuck it out and turned it into a positive experience. I would've abandoned ship, I think.

Kelli Bennett said...

Wow, this is very different from my experience. Even though I set up the original appointment in boy mode she didn't even bad and eyelash at me. And was more then helpful at showing me everything she did.

She gave me a great basic and natural look (got loads of compliments on it later) with colors I can use for a lot of other looks. I am so going back in a few weeks to try something more fun.

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad the makeover turned out to be such a great experience for you! Your new look is wonderful! I'm sooo jealous!! The nearest MAC store is two hours away, so I don't get there too often. I agree with Leslie Anne; I probably wouldn't have stuck with it after such a rough start, but you should feel really good that you did.

Debra said...

Thanks girls. =) It ended out being a good time. I just need to learn to speak up about being trans when a question about my gender comes up.

Amorous Eyes said...

Looks great. ^.^

"Speaking up" is easier said than done, even after you've been full time for ages it can be tough. This is because you would rather identify as a GIRL first, not transgender. But of course, this is what we must do sometimes to get the point across and then just hope for the best.

All in the name of awareness and tolerance I guess.

Kudos for going through with it and not running out of the store after the initial vibes.

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