Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bra Fitting - Frustration to Miracle

Over the last couple days my boobs have been really itching badly. That might be too much information but I had to throw that out there to explain my actions for the topic of this blog post. I've been told by many girls that this is a sign that they will start to hurt soon, which of course means they are growing! hehe. So that's exciting despite the annoyance.

Anyway, because of this, yesterday I decided I needed to go in for a bra fitting and get at least one bra that fit me right without breast forms. My reasoning behind this was that once they start hurting, the pain might be too much to wear breast forms for a while.

So I ventured forth to the mall to Victoria's Secret. I did have a friend mention that they didn't necessarily do a good job at fitting and she suggested somewhere else, saying the bras fit better. But I was already on my way to Victoria's Secret so I just figured I would see what I could find out.

I arrived and started browsing until I came upon an attendant, at which time I asked her if I could receive a bra fitting. She said "of course" and led me back to the fitting rooms. She got the measuring tape out and had me take my coat off. She asked me if I had a very padded bra and I mentioned that I had breast forms in. So she got me into a dressing room where I took my breast forms out and put them in my purse. She then proceeded to measure me with my shirt, cami, and bra still on. I was a bit surprised because I had assumed she would want all of those removed first to get a proper fitting, especially because my bra was a 36C to accommodate the breast forms. She ended up saying I was a 38B. I was a bit shocked but I guess I shouldn't have been because of the way she measured. She then gave me a few 38B bras to try on. I tried a couple on and felt like the cup was way too big for what little I have at this point. I had measured at home and come up with 35A so a 36A should fit.

So I asked the attendant for some 36As to try on and she kindly obliged. A couple of these were actually too tight around the back and some of them were too narrow for my wide chest/shoulders. I also noticed that because I was showing much less up on top, my stomach was sticking out more!! Ugh! I was getting to a point where I felt like crying....this whole experience was beginning to be a reminder of how my body is not how it should be, in effect, they don't make a bra size that fits me right. I started to tear up a little but composed myself and had the lady come in and take a look at how they were fitting. I finally picked one of the 36As out that fit ok but not great. The lady showed me over to where they had other colors but all they had was black, white, and nude. Ugh! lol. If I was going to buy one bra that I could wear during my time of hurting, I wanted it to be cute.

So I began browsing the store now that I knew what my size was in general. The clearance bras did not hold too much for me in 36A but I picked out a few and went back and tried them on. I found one that was decent and green. :) I also found another style that fit me well but was not on sale at all. So I went back out again and before I checked out, I found myself looking at the Miraculous Bra. They didn't have 36A but I figured why not try the 36B. I picked up a pretty deep purple one and suddenly realized how they claimed it would add 2 cup sizes. The bra was ultra padded! The 2 cup sizes come from lots and lots of padding. I thought to myself, wow I need to try this on just to see.

So I made my way back to the dressing rooms once more. I tried this amazingly gorgeous looking brassiere on and found myself looking in the mirror and gaining self confidence by the second. Not only did it fit right but it also looked like I actually had breasts! I positioned my boobs appropriately and it almost looked like I had cleavage even! I knew that I had to get this bra. The bad thing is it's their flag ship bra right now so it was NOT on sale but at this point, I just didn't care. I had to have it. This was the one bra that I could wear without breast forms and still feel good about myself.

Such was my bra fitting experience at Victoria's Secret. Maybe when I really am a b-cup I will have to try a fitting somewhere else as well to compare experiences.


Petra Bellejambes said...

Nice find my dear. There is good news on the bra front for this model. It is made for VS by Maidenform, and will be out on the market for considerably lower prices in June of this year under the name "Twice as Nice".

VS is a terrific shop, but there are so many of them that service and experience levels of the Sales Assistants varies too wildly, and so does the customer experience.

You might try a nearby Macy's or Nordstroms to make a good friend in the lingerie department. A good fitting is a real gift. An SA who knows how to give one, and is comfortable with you is rare though. A great bra is a neccessity, so finding that friend is key.

What a terrific day for you. Thanks for sharing!

Grace said...

Welcome to the fun times Debra. My experience was that at 6 weeks on hormones they were tender. At four months now they are SORE. If you are using forms with a flat back they are not going to be comfortable. But if your forms have a concave back then you may be all right. Of course, nothing beats simply filling the bra with yourself, but until then using the forms will help your clothes fit better. Very few dresses and blouses are cut for an A cup.

Debra said...

Thanks Petra. Yes I think I might try another store at some point in the future.

And thanks for the information as well Sophie. I guess that's the nice thing about this Miraculous bra, it really looks more like a C. Lots of padding hehe.

Sophia Athena Farren said...

Gosh girl you sound almost as bad as me about breast development, and feeling depressed about it, though you've only been on hormones for a little over a month ROFL. I would get a miracle bra but I don't think they have any with the right strap size for me!

Rebecca said...

It makes it difficult when you never know how competent the sales associates are going to be. Seems to be hit or miss at some stores.

Treacle said...

Congratulations on finding a bra you adored! That's no easy feat. :-)

Retail Me Not often have has discount codes for Victoria's Secret if you want to stock up on that style.

ms.shandy said...

I'm glad the fitting ended up working out nicely for you Debra. Bra sizing is a tricky business, and for many of us, a frustrating one. For me, even after a year of hormones my actual cup size seems to be about like a 34A. But unfortunately my breast distance is more in line with a 36A. Some bras from either of those sizes fit, and some do not.

My hope is just to be a legit 36A before I run out of growth spurts. LOL!

Petra Bellejambes said...

Debra - Hey, loving the blog, and wanted to grant you a silly little token of my esteem. You are now an official "Glamourous Blogger" All the particulars are over here ... http://voyagesenrose.blogspot.com/2010/01/more-log-rolling-in-high-heels.html

Have a splendid day!

Debra said...

Thanks so much for your comments girls =)

And thanks Treacle. I'll have to check out Retail Me Not.

miss sudha said...

Nothing better than being feminine

Cathy Anderson said...

This bra is comfortable and beautiful and fits well and is the best bra I've ever had. I ordered a couple more in other colors but for some reason the red seems the most comfortable. I would recommended wonderbra ultimate strapless bra

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