Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glamorous Blog Award

Well wow, it seems I have been passed along an award, the Glamorous Blog Award. Who, you might ask, has sprung such a thing on myself? None other than the glamourous lady herself, Petra, the author of a blog, Voyages En Rose. In this blog, she goes through lengthy descriptions of her own experiences as well as reviewing products such as pantyhose. I have to say I've always been very impressed with how amazing her writings are but I cannot begin to describe it. You'll have to visit her blog and find out for yourself. =) Thank you Petra for the award.

As is the custom with such awards as this, I will now award it to 10 other bloggers whom I currently follow:

  1. A Life Reborn by Rebecca
  2. Lori's Revival by Lori D
  3. Out of My Mind by Leslie Ann
  4. Rebirth by Sophia Farren
  5. Shooting Rapids Without a Paddle by Shannon
  6. Confessions of a Lingerie Addict by Treacle
  7. Dream Flight by Shandy Alexis
  8. Amorous Eyes by Julie
  9. The Trinity Documentation Project by Trinity Annabelle
  10. The Good, Bad, and the Blonde by Kelli Bennett

So with that, for you 10 who have now received this award, do the right thing and pick 10 of your own blogs to give this award, email them and let them know, and copy the Glamorous Award picture and post it on your own post. =)

Thanks for making my days a little bit brighter by posting of yourselves on your blogs. And thank you as well, Petra, for the award. =)


Petra Bellejambes said...

Total pleasure m'dear. Must go check a couple of your links now....

Treacle said...

Thanks so much for giving me an award! :-)

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