Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My letter to Management at work

Just wanted to post the letter I wrote to my work as a way of saving it in history.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

To Management of ***:

This letter is written to inform you of an enormous change currently happening in my life. After many years of suppressing my true feelings, I am finally taking the necessary steps to live my life authentically. What I have finally embraced is that I am a female trapped inside a biologically male body. This is a medically diagnosed condition called "Gender Identity Disorder" (GID). I recently started taking the necessary steps to treat my condition and one of the last steps is to be able to live full time as a woman which of course includes coming to work as such. As a part of my transition I will also be legally changing my first name to match my proper gender.

I know that RAF and all of the good people I work with will support me in my decision. Although I realize it will be quite an adjustment for all involved, I know my work at RAF will continue for years to come allowing me to conduct myself in such a manner as a professional woman in the workplace.

When this transition does finally occur, I would require use of the proper restroom for my designated gender or if this causes concern, that management would provide me with a viable alternative. I would also request that my IT accounts be changed to match my new name.

I have attached to this letter, an official letter from my counselor as well as a couple pictures with me dressed in proper work attire. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. Thank you.


formerly known as ******


Gabrielle said...

Debra, God bless you!! :) I respect and admire your courage to be true to yourself. The steps you are taking are not easy, and there will be pain along the way. The rewards will soon outweigh the bumps you experience along the way though. So many people choose to live a lie or just half a life. I am so happy you have the courage and respect for yourself to do the right thing in your life. I got choked up watching your vlog about returning to work in guy-mode after your time off (spent as your true self). You're on your way though. Those days will be but a memory, as will your darker times of confusion.

Keep sharing your journey. Let the others who remain lost and confused know there is hope in their lives just as you discovered in yours.

You've come so far and I wish you all the best!! :D Thank you for putting such a big smile on my face and bringing a tear to my eye, a tear of joy in this post... and I'll stop gushing now. lol

Love, respect, and positive wishes for your future! :)

Debra said...

Thanks Gabrielle for your lovely comment =)

Rick Muth said...

Good for you. I am very proud i=of you. I must admit, I really like the top picture. :)


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