Friday, February 19, 2010

Halfsie Month

Well wow it's already been half a month since I went "full time". This last week I went back to work and it went very well. Most everyone at work has seen me in person now....some are comfortable, some are getting there, and others may never be comfortable. That aside, things are just returning to normal....and it feels good. My voice still wavers at work but I'm working on that and I got ma'amed by 3 different agents on the phone today. Some might say "well they knew your name was a feminine name" but even that aside, even though they knew that in the past, they still sir'ed me so I feel really good about that.

Now the next part of transition: Divorce. It's going to be wife and I are really trying to wrap up our finances and start filing paperwork and she's still having a really hard time with it. That will get filed in April hopefully so it wont be official for at least 90 days although I suspect until the house sells, it might not be done till then.

Then I get to move into an apartment as well and I plan on moving closer to work so that'll help with my schedule. For now I've switched to 11am - 7:30pm to allow for more time in the morning to get ready. =) Now I can get up at 8:30am instead of 2:30am and still no traffic either way. hehe. Once a week or so I'll have to do the 5am - 1:30pm though to allow for afternoon appointments such as voice, counseling, and laser.

I met with my doctor this month and he upped my dosage to 4mg/day. I hope to see more results in my body.....have already begun to see breast buds sprout so that's good. My estrogen levels were already pretty's seriously like my body is like "YES! GIVE ME THAT ESTROGEN!" hehehe.

Sara, the Admin Assistant at work, has become my shopping buddy which is great! =) She helps me be frugal and guilts me into NOT spending so that's good becuase I need that, especially right now while I'm trying to get finances in order for the divorce. =) Thanks Sara for being so accepting, supportive, and just treating me like one of the girls. And I know you don't like it but *hugs*!!!!! hehehehe

Anyways, this is just a quick note...I know I've mostly recorded video logs lately so figured I'd get a quick text blog post out tonight.


Stace said...

So glad that things are going well for you 2 weeks in.

Well done for getting the shift you wanted - Quite how you can look as good as you do when you get up at that time of the morning is beyond me :)


Teagan said...

Sounds like things are going pretty smoothly so far, that's great. On the divorce... sorry you're going through it. Mine, I thought it might be final this January, then February, now March... these things always seem to get dragged out more than you think.

Treacle said...

I'm really happy your transition continues to go smoothly, and that your workplace is being more supportive and accepting than most.

Best wishes with getting the divorce resolved quickly. You'll be in my thoughts. :-)

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