Monday, February 22, 2010

My Journey

Original Video removed. See the update here


dorie-kowalcz said...

What a lovely slideshow! Thank you for sharing!

Lori D said...

Very sweet, Debra. I know it's been a rough road for you. I hope you find that dreams really do come true.

And I love the short hair look. You do it right!

Dana Andra said...

Okay, now it was your turn to make ME cry. You just look so much happier as Debra. Hopefully those who are having a hard time with your transition will see that and embrace you for who you are.


Stace said...

I am not sure what I can say except to agree with what the others have said.

Good luck with the continuing journey!


Leslie Ann said...

What a radiant smile! That's one happy girl there.

Rebecca said...

Your smile says it all.

Xenia H said...

Just read your story - good luck, Debra. You look beautiful - the eyes, the smile, everything!

Debra said...

Thank you very much everybody. =) *hugs*

Rick Muth said...

I normally like long hair on a woman, but I think the shorter hair suits you better. Your smile brightens me up everytime. I also think you have very beautiful eyes. Your eyes are the mirrors of your soul, and I can see how happy you are.


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