Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peaceful Validation

Hey everybody, just wanted to write up a quick little update.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store to get the ingredients for Carne Asada and Pico De Gallo. Nowadays, going to the grocery store is not really a big deal...I do it all of the time now but this time seemed especially validating.

First of all, I felt very pretty yesterday. I wore a new gray skirt I got on sale at Fashion bug with a new black ribbed short sleeved top and of course my black pumps. I felt very feminine and as I was walking into the grocery store, I found myself smiling because my voice teacher had said some people walk in high heels "like a man" but she had said that I am not one of those people. =)

Anyways, I started gathering up the many vegetables I would need for my recipes and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that an older guy had stopped and been looking at me....he wasn't smiling. I looked up and he went about his business. I moved along to the meat section and picked up some steak and as I was moving to the next area, the guy in front of me started to turn down an aisle and then stopped and looked back at me and smiled. I blushed and smiled back. Then someone who worked there, another guy, was walking past me and said "How are you doing, Miss?" and I smiled and said "good, thanks." =)

I got the last of my things and headed to checkout. The lady there commented on my top and said "You always wear such cute things!!". I couldn't help but smile again and said thank you. =) I chatted with her a little bit, told her I was making carne asada and she ended it out by handing me my receipt and saying "have a good day, Miss T*****". =)

Just a really good and validating experience and yet just a simple errand, no stress.


Stace said...

Sounds like it's going really well for you.

One more day! I'm trying to decide if you must be nervous, or excited, or both...

Really happy for you,

Jenny said...

"Carne Asada and Pico De Gallo". Damn, now I'm hungry and I have a couple of hours left to work. I can only imagine the confidence boost that must come from such an outing, well done!

Marie said...

Good for you! That must have been so satisfying! Are you getting nervous, now that next week is beginning to loom on the horizon?

Treacle said...

Oh that's wonderful! Sometimes it's the little things that really are the best. :-)

And, girl, I wish I had enough money to buy all the stuff I talk about too! The Boyfriend is asking me what I want for Valentine's Day. I may need to nudge him towards my blog.

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