Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Poem Resurrection: Smell of a Sunny Afternoon

I wrote this poem in high school one afternoon on my parents' front steps so it's kind of a blast from the past. I remember writing it and at the time I was solely concentrated on a relationship with a woman....but you can tell through the poem (and I remember this feeling) that there was more there to it that I didn't understand at the time. I tend to think that maybe my gender identity was trying to push through.

Smell of a Sunny Afternoon
Quiet breeze blows gently
against uncovered skin.
Lazy blue sky
is clear.
Peaceful silence true
enveloping all.
Warmth of the Sun
absorbed willingly.
The scent of calm

A smell brings feeling:
a want of something unknown;
a need for companionship to share;
a restless heart trying to understand;
a freedom unwanted but chosen;
a love unbroken for what is not.
Inspiring thoughts stir to the top
inquiring mind asks impossible, unsought questions.

Beautiful sunset joyously burns
as dark twighlight replaces the colorful sky.
Stars shine down romantically
and the breeze turns chill cold.
The moment is gone with the setting sun
but the feeling lingers.


Rick Muth said...

Wow!!! That is incredible. I could see it all in my mind, as I was reading it. You have a real talent. I look forward to being able to read more of your poems.


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