Saturday, April 17, 2010

Consternating Composure

Beauty in bloom, artful allure
a tulip so teeming, practically pure.
Stunningly stabbing, excitement ensues
but wariness waylays, referring to ruse.
Images inked and marked over miles
astounding affection from staggering smiles.
Questioning queries bring dazzling delight
pacing the pulchitrude, flowing in flight.
Gratitude given and friendliness found
caring concern brings upheaval unwound.
Precious perception, exalting embrace
masterpiece more than a fine fairing face
Effulgent emblems block vision in view
shattering sparks feed a need not so new.
My heart is so heaving, digressing distress
usurping unknowns try to make it look less.
Awestruck amazement and more when we meet
for physical presence will rightly replete.

Just a poem for a special lady I've been getting to know of late.


Paige Tamar said...

Hello, my name is Paige, I'm not sure if you know me but I am an old friend of Josh and Jenna. (my older sister is Courtney Phelps, ring any bells?) I stumbled upon your blog after hours of bored facebook stalking of friends (we've all done it). Anyways, I've read your journey from the beginning, and I just had to tell you how moved I was by your words. Thank you so much or writing this blog, it is people like you who have the courage to be honest, and put yourself out there that are the most inspiring. I saw myself identifying with some of your family situations, as I was also brought up in a very religious household. I've never understood how people who say they are following 'The Word' can treat their brothers and sisters so horribly. If you don't fit into their box, there is something wrong with YOU, not the box. I've never fit well in any box, and have been reminded of that my whole life. I just want to thank you for your courage and strength, and give you my full and absolute support.
Paige Phelps

Debra said...

@Paige!!! Yes I remember hearing about you and your sister from my brother and sister growing up. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! It is truly people like you that have helped me continue on this journey yea though my parents disown me. *hugs*

<3 Debra

Paige Tamar said...

Im glad it sounds like we have been able to help eachother. :-) If you ever need someone to talk to, I am always here. Seriously, I mean that. I know we don't know each other but I feel like I know you from both your blog and knowing your family. It really broke my heart to hear how you have been treated by both your family and the church. They have acted in a way that I could never see the Jesus I was taught about behaving. I want you to know you have a very unique and beautiful spirit about you, and I feel lucky to have taken the time to get to know you through your blogs. Cant wait to fear more about your journey, and I'm crossing my fingers for you family to come around!

Paige Tamar said...

Whoops, just re-read that, meant to say 'hear' not 'fear' more about your journey. No hidden message there, promise! And *hugs* back!

Jessica De Leon said...

Amazing as usual :-) such a great poet

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