Thursday, June 24, 2010

Everett Washington Gender Alliance Support Group to End

Note: As of July 2010, the WGA did continue Everett sessions after all. So this post is not really valid anymore. See this post for the details.

I received this in an email this morning:

Friends -

After more than eight years and 444 consecutive weeks, the Everett Open Support meeting of the Washington Gender Alliance will be held for the final time on August 25, 2010. The meetings will be held as usual and without interruption through that date. The Bellingham Open Support meetings are unaffected by this change, and will continue weekly as they have for more than 14 years.

Unfortunately, we just don't have the resources necessary to maintain the meeting. However, everyone is welcome to join us in Bellingham each Tuesday 7:30 - 9 PM at St. James Presbyterian Church 910 14th Street (at Fillmore Street) in the Fairhaven district. For those who aren't able to travel to Bellingham, but still need an in person support meeting, Ingersoll Gender Center offers one in Seattle on Wednesday nights. And we will continue to answer questions and offer support via e-mail at

We're sorry if this presents any difficulty for anyone, but we simply have no choice but to take this action. Many people have come through the doors of the Everett meeting since 2002, and hopefully they benefitted from participating in the Alliance. The work will continue, just further north where it all began in 1996.

Please share this information with anyone you know in the gender community. It is our sincere hope that everyone gets the word by August 25th so no one comes looking for the meeting after that date. The reason that our support meetings have been held each and every week is so no one would ever find a closed door. It would be a shame if after eight years someone first came looking for the meeting after it was closed down.

We've always been proud of being the only gender organization in Washington that has held two weekly support meetings in two different cities 60 miles apart. While we will no longer have that distinction, our Bellingham meeting has surpassed 735 consecutive weekly meetings without interruption, and counting.

Rory Gould,

I have to say that I'm completely beside myself about the Everett support group ending. I met a few good friends and found LOTS of support and even though I know I will keep those friends and continue to get support around me....I can't help but feel like this is such a loss to the trans community surrounding Everett. Not for me, or for those of us who have gone to group but for those that would have gone to group in the coming years. =(

For more information on the Washington Gender Alliance at large, see their website at:

Beauty Empower

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to advertise for a new nonprofit organization a good friend of mine has started up. I have joined the team to help in any way I can because it seems like an awesome idea!

It's called Beauty Empower (which is an perfect name too) and their mission is to help bring self confidence to victimized women by teaching them self care.

Quoted from the blog: :

The mission of Beauty Empower is to encourage and support women who are moving forward after life-challenging events. We believe that by teaching personal care and creating an environment of camaraderie, the beauty within, shared externally, exemplifies the beauty felt inside oneself. Beauty Empower gives tools to support a better future by providing a safe space for personal growth.

I have to say I'm very excited to be able to help out and I really think this might be what I have been looking for to fill a hole in my life.....the need to help people in need.

Since coming out as trans, I've considered career changes such as Psychology or even lately Cosmetology and yet both require more school and make much less money than I currently do.

I think I have settled on the fact that it doesn't really make sense to try to make this a 9-5 thing but I have still been wanting something more fulfilling in my life than simply making a company money.

Maybe this is it. =)

Check out Beauty Empower!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weird Random Dream

I had a dream last night that I was going to see my counselor for a regular appointment and there were a bunch of her other clients there when I got there. She was sending them off to separate rooms to see other counselors or something because she had so many to see that day.

While she did that, as an aside, there was a natal girl there with her boyfriend and from the way her boyfriend was talking to her and acting, I suspected she was actually a transgender man. The boyfriend was doing nothing but complaining and verbally abusing him (I'll use male pronouns at this pt because of my suspicion of him being FTM). Well I stepped in and talked to the guy and said something like "Look, being trans is something we're born with. What if you were born with something else, like Multiple Sclerosis (and at this point I was searching my mind for something and I don't even know if MS is something you're born with hah). Would you deny that you had it and try to "live with" it? He looked at me like he was starting to understand.

I then went to my counselor and asked her what was going on, why I didn't have an appointment and then before she could answer, it dawned on me that today was my surgery date! Not counseling! And suddenly my heart lept for joy and I was crazily besides myself with happiness. My counselor said she had my letter ready for me to recommend me for surgery and so I followed her up some stairs and out on some ledge in a 2 story white room and she was starting to walk through a doorway when I realized how far up we were and I didn't want to go out on the ledge. Then suddenly, she fell off and I ran down the stairs and started to give her CPR. I called 9-1-1 and for some reason ordered pizza there? That was quite weird.

It all kind of faded out at that point. Wow what a mix of weird things haha.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Be Loved

What do I say to you? that will express what I feel?
Those three words seem scary to say
so early, so soon.
And I'm just not sure, that's even happening yet.
You have given me pleasure and joy
a companion close by
your words are often so sweet
and understanding.
You see me for who I am
and accept me in so many ways
though you've known me for a short time
and the full truth of my past.
You think that I'm beautiful
even without makeup
and I've tried to look in the mirror
but I just dont see it.
And you wait with me, semi-patiently
for a time when I will be biologically
And yet you aren't ashamed of me
and who I am, even now.
You dry my tears with comforting words
that make me cry harder, exulting.
Your arms around me
give more than just warmth
they tell me they'll defend me and protect me
if ever it is needed.
I'm flabbergasted with wonder
at how I got so lucky
to meet a man like you.
I want to show you what you mean to me
I want to give to you what you give to me
and more!
I want to see your face light up
with happiness and surprise
I want to make you cry tears of joy
that you can't hold back
I want to break down all the barriers
around your heart.
I want you to feel what it's like
to Love
and Be Loved.

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