Sunday, June 13, 2010

Be Loved

What do I say to you? that will express what I feel?
Those three words seem scary to say
so early, so soon.
And I'm just not sure, that's even happening yet.
You have given me pleasure and joy
a companion close by
your words are often so sweet
and understanding.
You see me for who I am
and accept me in so many ways
though you've known me for a short time
and the full truth of my past.
You think that I'm beautiful
even without makeup
and I've tried to look in the mirror
but I just dont see it.
And you wait with me, semi-patiently
for a time when I will be biologically
And yet you aren't ashamed of me
and who I am, even now.
You dry my tears with comforting words
that make me cry harder, exulting.
Your arms around me
give more than just warmth
they tell me they'll defend me and protect me
if ever it is needed.
I'm flabbergasted with wonder
at how I got so lucky
to meet a man like you.
I want to show you what you mean to me
I want to give to you what you give to me
and more!
I want to see your face light up
with happiness and surprise
I want to make you cry tears of joy
that you can't hold back
I want to break down all the barriers
around your heart.
I want you to feel what it's like
to Love
and Be Loved.


Dana Andra said...

That's so sweet and touching. Who knows where such luck comes from , but you truly are lucky.


VĂ©ronique said...

Lovely! Sounds like you've found someone very special.

Shannon said...

This is good, sweetheart. Very good. He's taking good care with your heart. I am really happy for you!

Rick Muth said...


It's not luck. You have been truly Blessed. when he sees this, I am sure there will be a postive affect on him. My wife and i used to write notes and poems like that to each other all the time. With every new poem or note she gave me, I was always amazed, how she was able to love me in that way. I was truly blessed. if he is smart, he will write a poem back to you, or at the least send you flowers. You are blessed. He's the lucky one.

Jessica De Leon said...

This is so beautiful and you know what? I could have definitely used this when I first got together with Rebecca.

Your truly have a knack for poetry and I really appreciate you sharing this with us :-)

Debra said...

Thank you everyone. Writing this poem was kind of a realization of my developing feelings for him....I hope he can feel the same way at some point in the future.

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