Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beauty Empower

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to advertise for a new nonprofit organization a good friend of mine has started up. I have joined the team to help in any way I can because it seems like an awesome idea!

It's called Beauty Empower (which is an perfect name too) and their mission is to help bring self confidence to victimized women by teaching them self care.

Quoted from the blog: :

The mission of Beauty Empower is to encourage and support women who are moving forward after life-challenging events. We believe that by teaching personal care and creating an environment of camaraderie, the beauty within, shared externally, exemplifies the beauty felt inside oneself. Beauty Empower gives tools to support a better future by providing a safe space for personal growth.

I have to say I'm very excited to be able to help out and I really think this might be what I have been looking for to fill a hole in my life.....the need to help people in need.

Since coming out as trans, I've considered career changes such as Psychology or even lately Cosmetology and yet both require more school and make much less money than I currently do.

I think I have settled on the fact that it doesn't really make sense to try to make this a 9-5 thing but I have still been wanting something more fulfilling in my life than simply making a company money.

Maybe this is it. =)

Check out Beauty Empower!



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