Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Correcting Transphobic Hate Blogs

EDIT: Ive been told that the poster of the blog post linked below might practice stalking to anybody who visits her site so click at your own risk.

I recently happened upon a lesbian butch woman's blog and I was once again taken aback that people from within the LGBTQ community can be so ignorant and bigoted and transphobic. I posted a comment trying to educate the blogger but I somehow doubt the comment will be approved.

The blog post was here: http://dirtywhiteboi67.blogspot.com/2010/03/femme-imposters-in-femmebutch-community.html

My comment was the following:

I have to say, I'm always taken aback when someone from within the community openly states ignorance and bigotry to others within the same community.

Mtf-man is NOT the right term in any shape or form. Quite an oxymoron. I'm not understanding what you mean by homophobic straight mtf-man. This is full of double negatives. If an mtf woman is homophobic and straight then wouldn't she not be dating girls?

Also, most lesbian trans women I know are not really interested in butch women but rather fems.

So you're saying that trans women are using their male privilege to become women and hang out with women? I'm not sure I understand. by transitioning to womanhood, we are actually willingly letting go of this "mantle" of male privilege.

True that estrogen hormones are known to sometimes change sexual attraction but again, I have yet to see this attract them to butch women. Usually either they do not experience a change and are still attracted to feminine women or they experience attraction towards men and begin dating men. I have known trans women on both sides but I have yet to meet a trans women who will only date butches because they are too afraid to date men even though they're attracted to them.

I hope that I have been able to educate you some with this comment but I fear that your obvious transphobia will blind you from any real truth in it. I hope this is not the case.


Sophie said...

Note this is her new blog. The old one talked about infant 'baby butches' and 'women born butches'. She posted anti-trans stuff to about the same degree as other rad fem hate sites like Femonade and AROOO which linked to her. Femonade's classic was how trans women are sex positive because if they don't have piv sex 4 times a day they lose their neovagina ; AROOO is worse. Dirt's rather more sick than confused.

Jessica De Leon said...

Yea that does suck when it comes from our own peeps

samuraidovey said...

interesting note...about 5 years into transition my orientation changed a bit, I am a soft butch trans girl and I went from bi, to almost exclusively being attracted to other soft butch girls so in reference to your post on this persons blog, I guess someone like me is the exception to the rule

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