Saturday, July 31, 2010

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Step 1, we meet
exchange pleasantries
feelings crash into each other
from both sides.

Step 2, time happens
brakes are screeching
while heart accelerates
internal conflict.

Step 3, you see;
I tried so hard to hide
but the fire burns within
behind locked glass doors.

Step 4, it dies,
the light in your eyes
you let go of my hand
as I fall into oblivion.

Step 5, I cry
my fears came to fruition
the sound of something shattering
can only be my heart.

Who really broke my heart?
Did you? Or was it my own
self fulfilling prophecy.


katecrust said...

"Behind locked glass doors" Simply poetic brilliance. Additonal steps needed though. Girl admitting how hard it is to let go, for an uncertain and new territory. You being so strangely familiar. The future will write additional steps as they happen.

Debra said...

Thanks for the comment girl =) I wish you the best in your journey. *hugs*

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