Sunday, August 1, 2010

At First Date

The world seemed so right
your warm body next to mine
you kissed my shoulder
I beamed.
You wrapped your arms around me
and tickled my side
I jumped
and you smiled.
You ran your finger down my back
I shivered at your touch.
Your nickname for me
made me want to cry tears of joy
every time you said it.
You gazed into my eyes
and I was magnetically pulled
but you always looked away
before we could kiss.
How could so little mean so much
so fast?
And why has it never meant that much to me
A piece of myself is missing now
a considerable chunk of my heart.
I gave it to you
and now it's all I can do
to keep from crying
as I remember the beautiful girl
that stole my heart
at first date.


Shannon said...

((( HUGS!! )))

This is very, very good! Keep writing hon! You cry out your pain so well with your words!

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