Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have a secret.
I hold it inside myself.
Some people know
others find out
most I have told
my secret.
Some days I wear it
on my sleeve
other times I hold it
close to me.
Some friends will know
and never care
while others gawk
and suddenly see me
They cut off friendships
and sever all ties
they claim to understand
yet they don't have
the feelings that go with
this secret.
So I choose to live
carefree in my way
some may know
and others may not
some may care
and others may grow.
But to know who I am
you don't have to know
my secret.


Caroline said...

All have secrets, how many do we know? We seem to be one group who often have to shout out our secrets, why?

Caroline xxx

Dana Andra said...

I have no desire to shout out my secret. I tell those I care about, and let others think what they want. I'm somehow managing to pass better than I'd ever imagined, and it just feels so wonderful, and to shout out my secret would defeat the entire purpose of what I've set into motion. I've become who I've always felt myself to be, and the fact that I was ever anyone else, is immaterial.

I love this poem, Debra, and the last part says the most important thing of all:

"But to know who I am
you don't have to know
my secret."

Because you are not your secret. You are simply you, and for some, to know the secret makes it impossible to accept you for the person you've always been.

Debra said...

Thanks girls.

@Caroline - Yes why do we have to shout our secrets?

@Dana - Thanks...yes I think the best and most powerful part of the poem is that last stanza.

I am not my genitals. I am not the sex I was born as. I am me.

VĂ©ronique said...

I don't shout my secret. I don't even think of it as much of a secret. It's my medical history, and very few care about that. I have friends who do like to shout about it. They're into political TGism and getting in people's faces. That's not me. That's not what I transitioned to be.

Rick Muth said...


Sammy Davis Jr used to sing a song called "I Got To Be Me." Thats all you need to do, is just concentrate on being the person , that you know you are. Some may be "Shocked and disturbed" by THE SECRET, because it is not something that they are used to. Even those who have loved you for years, may be blinded, by what they precieve as the TRUTH. Others, such as myself and others, will continue to love you no matter what. Dont give up hope. Your secret may be part of you, but it is not all of who you are.

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