Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Autotransography: Part 2 - Childhood


Kev said...

This was very interesting, like the first part. I was just sitting here, sipping my tea, and it's been a long time somebody had me listening to a part of their lives.
I think it's pretty healthy, too, to get back in touch with childhood stuff and find weird and funny things out. I think so many things start and are located back in childhood, so it is necessary to take a closer look. :o)
Autotransography is a pretty cool idea. If I wasn't so terrified of being seen online (since not being out and such), I'd make a video myself. *places cookies all over the comment section*

Caroline said...

I hated the attempts to dress me in typically boy clothes so I only dressed in school uniform and at home in the same bland trousers and black polo neck sweater, my choice was no choice! I just waited to get a chance to get out of there.

Caroline xxx

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