Monday, September 27, 2010

Tweetcloud Overview

I recently did a tweetcloud of all of my tweets on twitter in the last year or so. I found it quite interesting.

#1 word - Girl - I think that's funny considering this last year has been my first real year being able to be a girl. And yet the reason that's the number one word is because when I talk to other people, I often refer to them as girl at the end of every tweet or so lol.

#2 word - Thanks - I guess I say thank you a lot. =) I suppose I receive plenty of compliments and feel like I need to say thank you....and try not to let them get to my head. ;)

#3 word - hehe - Yeah, I giggle a lot and 'hehe' is one form of that. =)

#4 word - hugs - Yes I give virtual hugs LOTS. In real life, I give real hugs LOTS too. =)

#5 word - time - Right off, I'm not sure how this one relates to each individual tweet but it kind of has a lot of meanings for me in the last year. Being impatient about how time is going slow (body development, parental acceptance, etc). Being reflective about the past and the time I've lost, etc.

#6 word - love - This one's pretty obvious. I say love a lot , 'Oh I love your pic!' etc. But it kind of also reflects the love that I want in my life and yet the love I want to give friends, family, and those in the transgender community, esp those who are in need and hurting.

#7 word - awww - Yeah I say that lot, what can I say. =)

Well I will stop at 7 words but I thought that was interesting


Jessica De Leon said...

That is very interesting and cool, I know for a fact that 'girl' is your favorite word to use online :)

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