Saturday, October 9, 2010

200th Blogpost!: Boys when you're in a Bustier

Last night, I attended a fundraiser event for a nonprofit, started by a friend of mine, called Beauty Empower. The event featured raffle prizes and a lingerie fashion show and essentially a "pajama party". By this, they meant that it was a time when guests could dress up in bustiers and corsets, etc.

Well that alone was enough to pique my interest. I try to dress proper for each occasion and it's not often you get to wear a corset or bustier, esp out in public. =) But I also have been trying to figure out ways to help my friend with the nonprofit so I volunteered to help sell raffle tickets.

Now, I don't own any corsets or bustiers so I ordered a pretty purple and black one from Fredericks of Hollywood and made sure it was going to get here before the event. 2 days before the event, it arrived and I realized that Frederick's runs waaaaay small. It was size medium and that did not work for me at all, in fact, I'm not sure if a Large would, maybe only X-Large. And yet I wear medium for most clothes nowadays. I was pretty disappointed but a friend of mine told me I could borrow her bustier which was also purple and black and it ended up fitting! I was so glad.

Anyway, I went home after work, changed into the bustier with a black mini skirt, black hose, and black suede boots. I finished up my makeup with more eyeliner and mascara and headed down to Tacoma in rush hour traffic. While on the freeway, after the traffic was behind me, a car pulled up next to me and I saw the window rolling down (on the freeway?!) and a cute guy looks over, smiles and waves at me! I am a bit taken aback and giggle a little and smile and wave back and he rolls up his window and speeds ahead. Quite weird. I swear I didn't know him but he looked vaguely familiar. Still kind of funny and definitely helping my self confidence.

I arrived at the Lounge where the fundraiser was supposed to take place, slightly earlier than I had intended but that was ok because my friend, the founder, found me right away and we hung out for a bit, waiting for everything to be setup. She had someone do her hair though because she got there so early to see to things that she hadn't done her hair yet. While she did that, I searched out the lady in charge of raffle tickets to find out how we were going to go about that exactly. At some point, my old friend (who happens to be the husband of my friend the founder) walked in looking for his wife. I said hi and pointed her out to him. He kind of did a double take when he saw me. I can't remember the exact words he used but he basically said that I had "developed" since he'd last seen me in March. I kind of laughed at that and for once in my life, I didn't make mention of my very padded bra, I just agreed with him, smiling. =)

At some point, I grabbed a roll of raffle tickets and a basket and walked around for a bit, not many people were there yet so I went and stood at the door, near the bouncers. I chatted some with the bouncer collecting the cover charges and he agreed to send everyone my way for raffle tickets after they'd paid.

Throughout the night, I felt very sexy, not in some dirty perverted way...just in a feminine sexy pretty way. I noticed guys looking at me and smiled. Thoughts of being "trans" or wondering what they would really think if they knew popped up a couple times but for the most part, I felt comfortable just being a woman and not worrying about all of those issues for the night.

One black guy was staring at me with interest and I giggled and looked away. I kept looking back and he was still looking and I kept giggling. It was kind of funny. Another black guy, when I approached him to sell him raffle tickets, he leaned over to my ear and asked "Are we raffling you?". I giggled and told him no and he said thanks anyway then.

Throughout the night, I stuck by my post near the door and sold tickets to people as they entered. As the music went and I knew the songs, I found myself dancing along with the music and that seemed to bring passerby curious glances from outside and again I had to smile. Another guy was talking to some other girls and me and he was saying something about how pretty I looked and I said thanks and couldn't help but smile wide and he said "See?" talking to the other girls about me: "Look at that smile??? wow!!!".

At one point, I went outside to put my purse in the car because I could see the car from my post so I figured it would be safe enough. I'd also told the bouncer guy to watch out for my car since it was right there haha. Outside, as I was walking back from my car, from the club next door, a guy walked over and told me I looked very pretty tonight. I thanked him and smiled and went back inside.

My friend's husband had a friend that arrived at some point and was hanging out. We talked off and on, he seemed like a really nice guy, very outgoing. He even went so far as to try to sell the prizes he'd won for a donation to Beauty Empower.

Anyway, all in all, I had a completely wonderful time last night, just being able to feel like a sexy woman and not worry about anything else. ;)


Kev said...

You do look very sexy in that outfit :-)
And you have a beautiful face. So no wonder you got complimented all night long. Hooray for a cool evening!

Stace said...

You do pull off the look very well; I'm jealous :)


Shannon said...

It's hard for a mom to think of her daughter as a "Femme Fatale." You are a very beautiful and desirable woman.

Kirsty said...

So glad you had a nice evening. I would love to be able to go out more and socialise like this but I just don't have the confidence or the connections at the moment. But hopefully soon. Anyway really pleased you had a good time.

You look great in the pic you attached too.

All the best


Amorous Eyes said...

That is an awesome outfit and you look great in it! Glad you had such a good time. :)

Wendygrrl said...

Luv the look...

Cathy Anderson said...

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