Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another post about suicide

I came across this comic strip yesterday and about cried my eyes out in an instant. It describes well my plight with my parents and their pure ignorance at what they're asking me to do.

From Trans Girl Diaries Webcomic :

Along the samelines, this video was sent to me last night. Please watch it. It's the testimony of a council member speaking out against youth bullying.

Edit: The video is on youtube now:



VĂ©ronique said...

Damn. That's harsh, and sadly too true.

I never had suicidal ideation, but I thought a lot about how maybe people around me would be better off if I weren't there.

Caroline said...

A bit too close to what could have so easily happened!

Caroline xxx

Rachel said...

Ouch ... I'm afraid that's just a bit too difficult for me to look at.

Rachel X

Rebecca said...

Wow, the video was incredibly powerful and moving. If that didn't bring a tear to your eye then something is wrong. I wish that could be shown in every school to both students and parents. Thanks for sharing it.

Lucy Melford said...

I read the cartoon and thought it must be drawn with some real incident in mind. But the real life stories in the video, including the speaker's, were even more difficult to cope with because of his personal emotion. I could hardly do it without flinching, but stayed with it. I felt so angry.

My own reaction to any pressure has always been stoicism, stubbornness, and if pushed hard enough, outright defiance. But then I can see that I was never bullied: I never had to endure anything of what these kids put up with until they cracked.

So two questions: Why do school authorities let it go on? And why are the bullies not severely punished and shamed, not for identifiable deeds but for their very attitude? For their own good they need to be slapped down. It would obviously save young lives, and ultimately stop the bullies developing into wife-batterers and abusers of their own children. Is society just too squeamish to act? (And I mean society everywhere, not just in the US)


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