Sunday, October 10, 2010

Clouds of Constant Hurt

Among years of love and acceptance
there are always those that bawk
they cling to interpretations
of memories once past
and written words
sting like knives to my heart.
Despite communities of love
my tears splash down
each one a treasure trove
rich with hurt.
Trapped between death
and a life fulfilling;
yet disdainfully ruled.
I must be a mountain
amidst a blue ocean.
I fight the erosion with love
the kind that sweats blood
and tastes tears
through clouds of constant hurt.


Claire L Hallam said...

Happy Birthday Debra. In fact after watching your vlog that should be Debra, so everyone can hear it. It's hard to prevent the reactions of others from hitting hard. But life is a marathon not a sprint. Send your family back Thank You cards and make sure you sign them Debra in Big letters. Remember you can chose your friends but your family isn't your fault. Hopefully they'll get it with time. Till then, you remain an inspiration,
Hugs, Claire

Shannon said...

Oh my dear, sweet child! I so wish that my could wash away your pain, that I could wipe your tears away for ever. but I am not the mom you were born to, the mom who comforted you and encouraged you all your young life. I pray always that Poppa opens her eyes and her heart and her arms to you again. Until that time, I am here for you. Any time. Any place. And always with my whole heart.

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