Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Phase you

You think I'm pretty
thanks, you're cute too
you'd like to get to know me
sure, lets hit it off
you find me interesting
well you seem cool too.
You want my number?
to go on a date?

Did you read my profile?
Did you read those words
that forever will change how you feel?
Did you realize who I am
wasn't always this way?
I've been honest about it
from the start.
What's that? Things are different?
You are no longer interested?

You'd rather not meet up?
You have an open mind but
you can only be "friends"?

It's not that I can't use
more friends
it's that you suddenly think
I'm less of a woman.
Why would I want to be "friends"
with someone like that?
What? You don't think that?
If you didn't think that
you'd still be interested
and my past just wouldn't
phase you.


Amorous Eyes said...


Debra said...

My mom told me yesterday that they say you can't date Taylor Swift and break up with her without ending up with your name in a song.

Well same goes with me kind of ;)

Agent J said...

Very well said!

Natasha said...

Minds only seem to open so far for some. Well done!


Teagan said...

Nice, Debra. Very well put.

Petra Bellejambes said...

Nice. Very nice.

Don't forget though, the ones that fall away, they are not just making a judgment about you, your past, etc, they are making a judgment about themselves. Saving you a little trouble in so doing.

They are at the very least displaying a weakness or a lack of dimension in themselves that is better known early than late.

It must sting, I am sure, but less than it would if you had invested more than hope and a little time, and then found the prospect lacking.

Keep swinging :)

SharonKJ said...

Very creative, I love it! :)


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