Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Autotransography: Part 15 - HRT Changes & Voice


Faena said...

Hi! enjoying watching your transitioning videos. You are so beautiful and your voice is so sweet. I start voice coaching next week and i was questioning whether to do this until i saw your vid. now i'm confident. I was also interested how long you waited until you felt attraction to men. I got into my revelation through a bdsm site and actually men sort of nudged me the direction i needed. i've had several online boyfriends since then, none real time. but i still verge to asexuality as it is my nature. smile. Anyway i think its not really necessary but is a nice confirmation to have a boyfriend. i am married with two kids and am an artist and former hippie. i am also a witch and so it is easy to explain crossdressing or wierd appearance. so i guess i am androgenous and comfortable with that for the time being. being a witch i use herbals for hrt. also i will not have surgery unless it is facial cosmetic. anyway we have some differences. thank you soooo much for posting. you have a good way about you in front of camera. love from Faena

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