Sunday, November 21, 2010

Passion Poem

Your arms engulf me
your hands hunger for my skin
our bodies intertwined.

You kiss me softly
my lips can't get enough of yours
our hearts racing.

You caress my neck
I feel your passion exuding forth
our moans are audible.

You kiss on my tummy
your goatee tickles me to no end
I'm giggling and squirming.

You stroke my bosom
I'm plunged into pleasure unwinding
my back arching up.

You utter wonderful words
as your hand slides down my thigh
you pull me closer.

I gaze into your eyes
as I caress you relentlessly
ecstacy builds up in you.

I rest in your arms
we talk and we sigh, mutually content
we fall asleep soundly.


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