Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Breast Posting

Breasts are a popular topic. From food (chicken breasts) to health (breast cancer awareness) to Television (boob tube) to sex or more importantly, foreplay. It seems to me they may have always been a popular topic. For most transgender women, they are more than a topic though….they are a need.

Most natal women grow up, go through puberty, and take for granted the breasts they are given by Mother Nature. They may not understand why a transgender woman would want them, the back aches, the bras, etc. But to a woman like me, breasts are a sign of my femininity that I was denied for the better part of my life.

And now I have them and I find myself caught up in society's obsession with bigger breasts. After a year of estrogen, I have reached an A-cup and I admit to proudly showing what cleavage my padded bras allow. I take comfort in the fact that they are mine…finally. But I still yearn for more.

The other day I was paging through a magazine while I waited in the waiting room at the Laser Clinic and I came across an ad. The woman in the ad struck me because she had no bigger breasts than I did and she was wearing a bikini and she still looked totally and completely feminine and beautiful. Her bikini top did not offer pushup padding that made it look like she had more but instead showed off her natural body.

I put the magazine down eventually and went about my day but that picture kind of stuck with me. I realized I wanted to blog about it and then proceeded in trying to search google for the ad. Of course, I found many ads involving white bikinis but none of them were like this one, if you know what I mean. Page after page of women with much bigger breasts was all I found, to my despair.

So today I finally went back to the Laser Clinic and found the exact ad again and made sure to take notes of what it was advertising so I could find the ad on google that way. And so that picture is below.

I know that there are many years ahead of me and in those years my body will become even more aligned with my gender. I will of course still hope for more growth in the area we call breasts but at the same time, I take comfort in pictures like this.


Caroline said...

I can now look down on interesting teenage mounds on my chest, ok so I was just checking emails first thing before dressing.

I have never found large breasts on women an attraction myself and count myself lucky that I am sure that I shall be more than content with what fate endows me. I can say that with confidence knowing that at my age too large is not likely to be my outcome!

Smaller breasted girls are cute.

Caroline xxx

Free Money Maker said...

I also think so,smaller breasted girls are cute looking sexy.I think big size is not problem but it should have some limit and should match with her body.But the ad image girl have so small breast in size,it should be little big.

Katie B. said...

Women with cleavage that looks like mine, YAY! D&G does a lot of busted crap in their ads, but at least this once they did something nice.

Amy K. said...

Hey, here's a post that sort of ties in with my earlier post from about two weeks ago. Whenever I make an entry about breasts I get a huge hit count. I wonder if you do as well? Smaller breasts certainly have their charm. My ex-ex-girlfriend (who eventually became my wife and then my ex-wife) had small ones. Big ones certainly can be dramatic. I like mine somewhere in the middle. :)

Ariel said...

Even now (with bra help, I realize), you are looking pretty well balanced. People seem not to realize that cup size is relative to band size. A 32A is a smaller cup than a 36A. I'm guessing that your ribcage is smaller than mine. And that's fortunate for you!

I would love it if nature had given me better proportions. I so wanted my very own! But I'm realizing that I will probably need some help both to look balanced and just to give me that sensation you wrote about -- the feeling of femininity that we've been denied.

Natasha said...

As Ariel said, it's always about body proportion. I'm a 42C right now, but I have a large chest, so they don't look as big as they might if I had a 36C. So I am unashamed to say that I wear support with augmentation (VS has some lovely enhancing bras). The goal is not to have huge breasts, but to have a figure that gives us increased femininity. No one will ever question that about this model. We (especially those of us of greater stature) have to do a little more to answer potential questions.


Jill Davidson said...

After 2 years, I've reached 40A. I go from being quite happy with them, to wishing they were (slightly) bigger. Proportion is important. I've already lost some upper body mass, and I am planning to lose some more weight, which may make them look more proportionate with my frame. But it reminds me that I am fighting all those sexist images I absorbed when I was much younger that I could only be a real woman if I had large boobs. There is beauty in our trans bodies. I look at myself naked in a full length mirror and I like what I see now.

Rhonda Darling said...

Having followed you through much of your transition, I am pleased to tell you that your body and proportions are just right. Even when they change, they will be just right.

Your feminity is not in doubt at all, and from your videoblog, it seems you carry yourself very well. If the girl in the ad is pleasing, try to be like her. If you want a more busty look, as you are well aware, there are ways.

Be yourself and all will be right with the world.

Rhonda Darling

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