Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I didn't know

I'm sorry
I didn't know your wounds were still so fresh
the hurt that you felt inside completely crippling.
that when we'd meet
there would be a connection I'd never felt before.

I didn't know what your touch would do to me
that your kiss would renew my soul
and your arms holding me close
could give such contentment.

I didn't know of your struggle inside
taking on new endeavors too soon
you warned me often
but I just didn't want to listen.

I didn't know that I was pushing for more
and my desire for your presence
would just push you away
I was too blind to see it.

I didn't know that it would hurt so much
that tears would rain for days on end
that I might make you feel guilty
with public postings of heartache

I didn't know that I'd make things
more difficult for you instead of easier
in these days of loneliness and hardship.

I'm sorry, I didn't know.


Shannon said...

sadly beautiful very beautiful

SharonKJ said...


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