Thursday, February 3, 2011

1 year of fulltime womanhood

Well I can hardly believe it but 1 year ago today was the last day I'd ever have to present as male for anyone at any time. Up until that point, I had already only been presenting as male at work but this day last year was the LAST day for that. I planned to work from home for the remaining workdays left of the week while everyone at work had a big meeting with my dear friend, Elayne, about my transition, and then I'd take a week off vacation before coming back to work for the first time as ME.

I can remember my excitement, my complete and utter joy, as I took down all that was left of my male wardrobe: old baggy t-shirts and a few sweatshirts. I had already been wearing girl jeans exclusively to work. I bagged all of those old clothes and put them in the garage where they would be disposed of in some fashion later on.

A lot has happened in the last year especially while on the subject of my wardrobe. It seems to be constantly changing for me. Either things get too big or no longer look appealing on me and I end up discarding them in some fashion and of course buying more. A lot of the style is the same but there is also much room for jeans and tees too...not to mention clogs instead of heels! =) But only sometimes!

Somebody asked on facebook today if you could have any amount of money in the world....any amount that you could think of....would you take it if it meant never transitioning. I didn't even need time to think about it. I blurted out "NO! I wouldn't take any of this back for $1000000000000000000000000000000.00" and it's completely true.

There is nothing like being me.


Shannon said...

You are you! And I have been privileged to watch you grow into a marvelous young woman!

gp said...

Congrats on the anniversary!

Stace said...


And as Shannon said 'you are you' I can't think of a more important statement :)


Kev said...

Happy first year to you,
Happy first year to you,
Happy first year,
dear Debraaaaaaa
Happy first year to youuuuuu


Caroline said...

Having tasted the sweetness of life what price could possibly be put on on giving it up.

I left it far too late to change a life which once worthless has become priceless.

Caroline xxx

Sally Sapphire said...

Happy anniversary, hon! At this point I'm still looking forward to that day, but I cannot imagine a better reason to celebrate. I am in awe. :)

Natasha said...

Money isn't happiness (but it buys nice things). What you have now is far more valuable. A marvelous anniversary to celebrate, but methinks it is only prelude to your next looming event.

Much happiness to you.


Ariel said...

Congratulations on one year as yourself, and so many more great years to come!

Robyn D said...

Congrats on 1 year. I can so emphasise with the baggy male clothes in the closet (see I can speak American!!) - can't wait to get rid of mine although I haven't worn them for ages (except when I am with my son).

Good luck with the GRS next month.


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