Friday, February 25, 2011

Poem Resurrection: Will Somebody Look Inside?

I haven't resurrected one of my poems from my past in quite a while so I figured I'd throw one out there. I wrote this poem sometime around my Sophomore year of High School. (1997) At the time I was writing about the fact that I'd been rejected by girls for so long up to that point and I felt like I never looked right on the outside so I kept asking "won't somebody look inside?". Ironic to realize now that there was much more inside than simply good qualities and romantic desires.

Note: It was also back when I was stuck on rhyme-only poetry hehe.

Will somebody look inside and see what I’m about?
Will somebody look inside, instead of looking out?
Will somebody know me well, and also understand,
needing a hug sometimes, or to just hold their hand?
Will somebody see right through, to who I am inside,
at all the things in me, I sometimes tend to hide?
Will somebody lie on my shoulder, in need or just to sleep?
Like me, will somebody wonder, looking into eyes so deep?
Will somebody be there to talk to, each other’s secrets to share,
someone to spend some time with, and have a chance to care?
Will somebody be there to laugh at, knowing it’s all in fun?
Will somebody understand me, in all I do and I have done?
Will somebody let me hold them, and from everything, defend?
Will somebody actually like me, and be more than just a friend?
Will somebody understand my feelings, without becoming afraid?
Let me express how I feel, through poetry I’ve made?
Maybe this is a lot to ask, and too much to provide,
but still I ask this question, Will somebody look inside?


Ariel said...

No comments for this? I think it was pretty astute. A lot better than my early poems (writing decent songs is easier). You were already on your way!

Jennifer said...

An amazing poem. I can remember those feelings quite well - your poem captures them perfectly!

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