Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day

So today is International Women's Day and everyone seems to be blogging about it. I figured I'd join the crowd. Today also has a couple other milestones. It's going to be my last session of yoga for a long time. I am really going to miss yoga and I will have to find out from Marci when I can start it again because I really love it. And of course the surgery is now exactly one week away.

That being said, Glamour Magazine had a couple ideas of how to celebrate International Women's Day. I picked 2 of these ideas.

People tell me often I have a lot to be proud of and that always makes me feel good, whether they point out in detail what those things are or not. It's much harder however to try to point out my own accomplishments myself. I always feel like I'm boasting or having too much pride. That being said, I gave it my best and these 5 are the things I came up with:

1. How I've been able to handle criticism of my life and path in a more mature way
2. That I've been able to keep a positive attitude despite some negative circumstances
3. How after having such a closed-minded background, I've been able to be open to other people's circumstances and beliefs even if I don't completely understand them.
4. How I've been able to be happy without a significant other currently, even if I want that to change in the future.
5. How recently I've been able to be partially satisfied with some of the changes and milestones I've encountered in my transition, even if I still hope for more.

Also, I'd like to thank all the wonderful women in my life. I'll start with my adopted mother, Shannon. I probably spend most of my time with her and she is the woman I am currently closest to. She has been the mother a newfound daughter especially needs.

I'd like to thank both of my cousins, Missy and Ashley for how they've treated me throughout my whole transition, in a very caring and understanding way, even while having to balance that with respecting how my parents feel about it. My dad's sister, Aunt Korine has also been a very supportive woman in my life but especially when I transitioned.

There are so many more women I'd like to thank but I cannot do them by name because it would go on forever. With that in mind, all of the girl friends I've had growing up, women in the work place who have supported me and respected me, other women in the family who have been supportive as well, the many many girls I've met at Trans Support Groups and Events or even online, and the groups of women that have included me into their midst so easily and with understanding: my zumba girls and crafting group girls.

Finally, I'd also like to thank my mother, grandmother, ex-wife, and sister as well. They may not be supportive of my transition but they have still been caring, loving, female figures in my life in so many ways.

Thank you all, I celebrate all of you!


Shannon said...

And you have been the precious Daughter-in-Love that I needed. You have been Ruth to my Naomi and I thank Poppa constantly that he brought us together.

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