Friday, March 25, 2011

My Journey

My mom gave me a gift after I had my surgery. It's a Journey Ring.

What is a Journey Ring? says:
A journey [ring] is a relatively new kind of jewelry that is used to commemorate and recognize special moments, dreams, adventures and journeys that occur in life. These [pieces of jewelry] can either be presented as gifts to loved ones or they can even be purchased for yourself to commemorate something special you plan to do.

Mom said it was a symbol of my own journey, this transition I've made in my life. And what a journey it has been...and still will be....for many years to come.


Life In Neon said...

Aww. That was nice of her. It looks great. :)

Angel said...

What a wonderful gift at this point in your life! :D

Halle said...

What a feeling of pleasure it gives me to read of parents who become friends. A very beautiful gift!

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