Thursday, March 17, 2011

Post-op: A complication and getting up

Before I go into Day 2 of being post-op, I have to cover the events of last night.

After I made the "Day after surgery" VLOG, I realized by the hoarseness of my voice that'd overdone it so I settled down with no other plans for the rest of the day. They came in to change my bandage again and within 20 minutes or so I noticed that I was bleeding through the bandage again. I told mom with tears in my eyes and frustration in my voice : "I'm bleeding again!" and she ran out to get the nurse. They called Dr. Bowers in and re-bandaged me up again until she got there. They also set this big surgery packet on my side table, it looked like the kind that has everything someone needs to perform open heart surgery. Inside, I thought "Oh no" but outside, I tried to stay calm. I still had tears in my eyes though. Mom pointed out to me the major surgery kit sitting there and I told her "I know, it's like what Dexter uses." She gave me a look halfway between wanting to laugh and wanting to cry.

When Marci arrived, she removed the bandage and saw all the bleeding and told my mom to leave the room. The nurses helped her by bringing her sutures (stitches?) and a needle and scissor like thingies that held the needle. I got to watch as she sewed me up in a few places down there...I couldn't see exactly what she was doing but I did see the needle and thread go in and out of me a few times. Thank God I couldn't feel it. But she finally stopped the bleeding and they rebandaged me up. She said that this was a little unusual but not too much, probably happens every couple months or so. Given she does this surgery 4-5 times a week, that's probably a 1 in 40 chance of it happening to someone. I got the unlucky ticket but she fixed it. If that's the only complication, I'll be thankful. Because of that though, I lost a lot more blood...not enough to need a transfusion..but still.

After that ordeal last night, I was relieved and with the help of ibuprofin and ambien, i did get to sleep and I think at least close to 8 hours of it. This morning I had a headache, however, and I began to feel a bit nauseous. Dr. Bowers came by and they removed the bandage permanently and there was no extra blood seepage! So her stitching the night before had definitely fixed things. We switched to just a maxi pad and panties. They also removed the bandage on my neck, revealing just a thin pad of gauze with a bit of seepage from what will be a scar for a while. When I looked in the mirror at my neck, I was amazed! The adam's apple was completely gone. It was so flat!

The rest of the day was mostly spent resting and trying to get rid of the headache and nausea. Around mid-afternoon, the headache had been reduced to a lull and the nausea was not as bad so I told the nurse I wanted to try to walk and/or sit in a chair. This is all part of the process. Every surgeon is different but for Marci, her patients get up after 48 hrs just to get circulation going and such. Well I got out of bed, standing wasn't too bad, walking was harder than I thought it would be and then sitting in a chair on a foam donut....was just odd. I wasn't sure how to place myself on the thing. I ended up sticking my butt into it in such a way that it left me in a half kind of reclined position. It still left me with a pain level of 3. The nurse helped me up after a little bit and I tried to walk across the room. Every step I took, my nausea got worse to the point where I thought I was going to vomit, so I turned back and laid back down into my bed. I was immediately relieved of the nausea and I noticed that my whole body had broken out in sweat. It was a workout just to walk! Soon after that ordeal, I had dinner and that helped ease my aching hunger pangs that were fighting with the nausea all day.

I've talked to girls who have been through this surgery and they always say "Don't overdo it" and they talk about how they walked all over the place and it really took a toll on them. Well I've tried to keep that in mind but what I'm realizing today is that it's not just the physically walking around that can take a toll but also the vlogging I did and even writing this blog post. It's taken me a few hours while resting in between paragraphs just to get this written out.

It would be easier if I could actually get to sleep. Because I can't, I'm stuck for most of the day laying around with my eyes closed, trying to sleep.

That being said, I'm going to sign off and rest up some more. =)


Amorous Eyes said...

You scared me there for a bit, but luckily you seem to have a good surgeon and staff standing by. That's quite a relief! I'm sure you must've been terrified inside.

Please just take it easy. Rest and recover!


- Julie

Valeta said...

Poor sister. I love you! Stay off chat and I wont bother you! Rest.

Shannon said...

We both put up a front to cover over the fear we had. When Marci was finished and had left, I stuck my face in a corner by the bathroom and tried to cry as quietly as I could so that I wouldn't upset her. But I had to cry, to let out the feelings, to let myself breath again.

Rebecca said...

I'm really glad things got all fixed up so easily for you sweetie!!! Please do rest. Anything at all, even just reading, will be difficult for awhile. Please rest as much as possible, but also be moving around when you can. It seriously helps you heal faster. Big big hugs!!

Rebecca said...

As much as I enjoy your blog I hope you take a break for a bit so you can get more rest. Reading about your complication also scared me, but I'm glad you're doing better now. *hug*

Brian Katcher said...

You're so brave. Please stay safe.

Life In Neon said...

Oh wow. I'm sorry to hear you had to go through that but I am glad it was all ok in the end.

Hope you recover soon :)

Ariel said...

Love that you are letting us know what's up with you, but please take care of yourself! Glad you came through the bleeding incident OK. I'm sure that would have been scary.

It's like Rebecca (#1) says, rest up, but walk when you can. They made us take strolls around the nurse's station, wheeling our IV thingies.

You were under general anesthesia, and that can make your stomach wonky for a while.

Interesting that you get unbandanged so quickly. In Montreal, we lived all bandanged up down there for several days, and with the packing for another day or two. I didn't get that stent removed until six days after surgery! What a relief that was.

Really, your own healing is priority #1. Don't let anything get in the way of that.

B said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers

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