Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday Evening

The last two days have been a little bit hectic.  Yesterday [Friday] Dr. Bowers came by, looked Debra over, removed the drain and gave her some instructions for the next three days.  I went to the airport in Oakland and picked up her Auntie Korine and Uncle Dave.  Debra and I were texting back and forth and she told me Gwen, the lovely, fierce woman who runs the Post-Op Recovery Place [] was on the way to pick Debra up and Auntie Korine, Uncle Dave and I headed for San Francisco and the Post-op place.  Our plan [plans never survive contact with the enemy!!] had been to find the house, and grab something to eat and then go back, hoping that Debra would be there by the time we finished.  We got to San Francisco and I lost all confidence in where I was going and got off the freeway -- turns out, just one exit earlier than I was supposed to.  Then we really got turned around trying to get to where we were going.  We finally pulled up to the house, just as Debra and Gwen were shutting the garage door.  We tried to stay out of the way and still help her get settled. Then Auntie, Uncle and I went down to finally catch lunch!

When we got back, Gwen let us know how things go here at the Post Op Recovery Place.  She has a way about her I can only call fierce!  I should try to define what I mean by "fierce."  There is no gray with this woman!  She is positive and energetic!  And she takes no shit of anyone! She won't answer the door in the morning before 11AM and we have to say goodnight by 8PM.  She is intensely interested in what Debra can eat and pumped me for everything!  But to say she works with her clients is such an understatement I cannot begin to describe it.  She is fierce for the women that come here! Fierce for their rest! Fierce their privacy! Fierce for their well being!  I have NO reservations about the health and well being of my girl here.  If come back next year, this is the place I am doing my recovery!

Debra was looking really gray yesterday and her anemia is a real concern to all of us.  Auntie Korine, Uncle Dave and I went to Trader Joe's and picked up some food we think she will eat and brought it back.  Yesterday she was still having real problems with pain and nausea, so eating was not her most favorite activity.  She didn't sleep well last night due to her pain and a severe [8 out of 10] headache.  The percocet/oxycodone is doing very little for her pain and is a source for her nausea. The doctor told us she should try some ibuprofen and today that seemed to help. She got up this afternoon and took a shower and felt and looked much better. The doctor prescribed a sleep aide to help her get some rest.

She had visitors today.  Sophia and Zoe stopped by on their way to Washington and visited for a couple hours.  Auntie Korine and Uncle Dave visited with her a couple of hours too.

I cannot say enough…  It really makes me choke up to think of Auntie Korine and Uncle Dave giving her the space to be herself, and to spend the time out of their busy lives to come up here and give her support.  And it was important that Sophia and Zoe came by for a little bit.

After Sophia and Zoe, and then Auntie Korine and Uncle Dave left, Gwen gave her the sleeping meds and she was out hard for almost 3 hours.  She came up to eat with the other post-op woman here and had a very good conversation.  She ate all that was given her including a second helping of salad!

She's gone back down to bed.  I am going to close up here and go down and give her a good night kiss and then go back to the hotel.

Again, always I guess, I really ask that you keep her in your prayers.  She is not here at the Pos Op Recovery Place for fun and games or vacation.  She still has a great deal of healing yet to do and your prayers are essential to that.



Jennifer said...

Thank you for updating us! Debra needs her rest and I'm so glad to hear someone is making her rest! Our thoughts and prayers are with her for a swift recovery

Life In Neon said...

Thanks for letting us know. We're all hoping she recovers soon and that things go smooth from here. :)

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