Sunday, March 27, 2011

The 12 days of Post-op

So today is 12 days since my surgery. I have experienced some amount of boredom being stuck at home (for the most part) so keep that in mind when approaching the following "12 days of post-op" I wrote up to the tune of "The 12 days of Christmas". It's very tongue and cheek.

On the twelfth day of post-op, my surgeon gave to me:
twelve kindle books, eleven baby wipes, ten bathroom breaks, nine hundred airmiles, eight ibuprofen, seven hours of swelling, six yards of packing, five headaches mean....four bouts of nausea, three new stitches, two percocets, and a catheter with which I could pee.

But in all seriousness, things are going very well. I'm still trying to contemplate the change, let it wash over me like a new morning....and it just hasn't quite happened yet. There are several reasons for this, I think. One is that I don't have quite all my feeling down there yet and it's not fully healed and pretty yet (although it's definitely getting there). Another is probably because the change really isn't all that different, it doesnt make me pass more, etc. Thirdly, for some reason going through surgery, I was mostly very calm and almost emotionless. My mom commented on it several times and I'm not sure if it was the testosterone in my system or what.

So yeah, I'm still waiting for it to hit me. =)


Life In Neon said...

Take it as confirmation that it was the right step at the right time. Now it's like trying to taste water. There's nothing out of place, so there's no Zen enlightenment to experience. :)

That said, there's bound to be plenty of *new* things to feel and experience in the road ahead.

Ariel said...

I agree with Life In Neon. It's the "normal" you've always wanted.

That said, I think it might hit you more when you're further along in recovery. Once I'd got past the discomfort and the swelling was way down, I knew it was real, and it felt really good.

Glad to hear things are going well! And I like your verse. :)

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