Monday, March 21, 2011


The last three days were spent at Gwen's Post Op Recovery Place. Recovery has been slow but steady. We left this morning after saying goodbye to Gwen who gave us big hugs and kisses and told us what street to not work. I, in perfect consistency, immediately got on the free way heading away from San Mateo and had find a place to exit and turn around. Traffic on 101 was back and forth good and bad, but we finally got back to the hotel. At first I thought I had misplaced some of the items she needed for her appointment at Marci's be we found them. Dr. Bower's office was running behind and it was long wait. She was finally called back to get her packing out, the catheter out and be dilated the first time. She came out with a small smile on her face but looked tired. We were both hungry and glad to get back to the hotel. I fixed her a couple of simple things and then went to the store for more food for the next couple days.

I forgot to bring in her pads that she needs to lay on while she's doing her dilation and she had to wait for me to get back. I did finally quit lolly-gagging around Safeway and came back. I brought in the pads and she laid one out on the bed and did her first dilation herself. I watched her close. I did not see any pain or discomfort on her face. And she got 6" of depth. Really good start!

She has done just amazing through all of this! The headaches and the nausea, the bladder discomfort, the bleeding.. She's come through it all with a calm I can't fathom. I just can't.



Dana Andra said...

No pain or discomfort from the first dilation! THAT's good news! Must seem like a dream come true!!! :-)

Big hugs!

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