Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Transitioning Past a Past of Transitioning

In the coming days, you may notice some changes about this blog and the connected youtube channel. The names and titles and even domain names are going to be changing again.

The reasoning behind this is that I would like to be able to live life without worrying about who can google my first name and find out that the 4th link from the top leads directly to the inner depths of my soul and my past on this very blog. I'd rather be the one who eventually tells people (when I deem necessary) about such things instead of having them find out on their own.

Mind you, the changes I am making will not only take some time to take effect but they are also not foolproof. I don't plan on changing the content of any of my past videos even if they do mention my name and of course bear at least a similarity to how I look now and will in the future. But it will at least provide a certain comfort level for myself not only when dating but also when meeting new friends.

I hold on to the fact that my past is just that: my past. And not everyone I come across needs to know about it. At the same time, I've been told countless times that my story and all of the documentation that goes with it has been an inspiration to many and so I refuse to take it all down.

I do plan to continue to keep up this blog and the attached video logs but I have a feeling that with time, how often it gets updated will slow down as the updates transform from a transitioning woman to just the life of a woman.


Ariel said...


Teagan said...

Sounds good, Debra! Moving on is a good thing.

Jennifer said...

YEA!!! I always get excited when this point is reached in one's journey. Congrats on completing the journey! No matter what anyone says, there is nothing wrong with moving on! (I always thought that was point of transition)
Thank you so much for putting yourself out there during transition. It has been an encouragement as I go through transition in very similar circumstances. (something you've probably heard from tons of folks)
Best wishes, prayers and luck as you begin your new life :-)

Halle said...

Debra! Sounds very good to me.
How I love this: "...peace that can be found with discovering yourself instead of hiding it."

It was never a destination, just part of a wonderful journey. All the best for the rest!


JoeyMaloney said...

I would add a redirect from the old URL. I had been using this and it just went to a 404. There are probably others like this.

TS_KS said...

I think it's great your keeping your privacy! Today you must control your life and information. I completely understand as I have to do the same in order to maintain the possibility of speaking semi freely. Glad to see you are doing well and hope to see and hear more from you. You are a great inspiration!

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