Friday, May 20, 2011

What I want someday

I just caught sight of an article from Marie Claire magazine about another transsexual woman outing herself to show that it is possible and it does get better.

Her story was much like most others like it including my own in some ways. I found myself rejoicing and crying with her as I relived my own memories and hers all bunched together. Then when she talked about meeting the right man and how after a while, she explained it to him and he was so understanding and loving, it just overwhelmed me. Another reminder of what I want someday.


Shannon said...

It will happen, sweetheart. He will be a man who loves you and loves everything that has made you who your are.

Halle said...

Janet has a youtube channel too, and has posted a video that everyone needs to see.

I agree with Shannon, it will happen for you.

Dana Andra said...

A friend of mine met a man online, someone in England, kinda like I did, only a little different. Anyway, they talked for hours and days and weeks and fell big time in love with each other. When he began talking about wanting to meet in person, there came the inevitable reality of having to tell him she was trans. She passes on all levels, and he had to idea. She was certain he would reject her, and she was bawling her eyes out when she told him "I need to tell you something." And when she told him, he was taken aback for a bit, but then he said, "Sweetie, none of that matters. You're a woman and I love you." They talk every day, she's been over the England and met his family, and they love her just as much as he does.

This happens, and if happened for anyone else, it will most certainly happened for you.


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