Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Trimester Post-op

As of today, I've officially been post-op for 3 months. It has by no means been an easy recovery. If I compare it to the personal stories I've heard of friends' surgeries it could almost seem to be a complete nightmare.

Three months ago today, I had a healthy "mostly" female body with one simple birth defect that needed correction. A day later, I was met with bleeding that wouldn't stop and extra stitches as a result. A week later, I found my urethra flow cut off because of extra swelling. After I'd returned home, I realized a lot of stitches had come out due to dilation and the extra swelling. This resulted in ugly granulation tissue that wouldn't heal on its own.

Near the end of my 2nd month, after conferring with my surgeon several times, I became aware that I could have silver nitrate treatments administered to the granulation tissue. I had 3 of these in May, thanks to my family doctor and a 4th at the beginning of June when I had a followup with the surgeon herself. I had another treatment today with my doctor and it will probably not be my last.

As I said before, most of the girls I know personally have not had the difficulty I had with my surgery. I won't lie. There were times when I cried and times when I was worried or scared but here I am at a pinnacle point where (hopefully) the worst part of recovery is over. I can now sit on certain seats without any special cushion, I am back to working out again, life is actively returning to my social calendar, wearing pads has become less needed (although liners are still required), and I'm medically cleared for sexual intercourse when I deem appropriate.

Despite its difficulties, the surgery was very much a success and I am very happy about the result. It's odd how a change to a part of the body that's covered by clothes 99% of the time can cause such a change in someone's life. In some ways it's such a small change and yet in others it's just so inconceivably huge. My mom and others have commented on how much I've changed since surgery and I have to admit to being surprised to hear that. I don't necessarily see it but I guess I'm just living my life now, whereas before, I was merely 'in waiting' for this big surgery event before I could go on with my life.

And what an amazing life I have ahead of me. =)


Teagan said...

I'm glad that you're emerging from the worst of it. And now you can get on with the best of it... the rest of your life!! I feel a little better about where I am now when I read posts like this... I'm in the "waiting" period and feel more content to just wait when I hear about the experiences of others who've been through it. Thanks for continuing to share.

Lucy Melford said...

It sounds like the worst is now over. Your experience, and mine, and every other case I know of, simply go to show that there are always some complications, especially with the healing. But in time it all recedes into the past. And as you say, one's attitude changes: there is that wonderful sense of completeness, and of being equipped and ready for the next phase of your life.


Ariel said...

I know it's been a rough three months for you, but you've not only hung in there, you've kept going. And now you can keep on going!

Jen said...

You do have an amazing life ahead of you! Congrats on hitting the three month mark. I think the things we work the hardest for are the things we treasure most. Enjoy yourself, you've earned it!

Cynthia said...

Can you believe it...three months have gone by already. Sorry it hasn't been all that easy, but what in life isn't? I continue to pray for you every day for healing and just plain every day things. The Lord will continue to bless you, just be sure to walk with HIM.

Hugs and prayers.

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