Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Sun is Shining

The hem on my skirt
is coming undone
and my parents still refuse
to be in my life.

But the sun is shining
I have ample clothes to wear
and supportive friends and family
that love me for who I am.

It's been two years now
since I started growing my hair
it's still not even close
to where I want it to be.

But the sun is shining
the body I have and the life I lead
are things many would give anything for.

Debts hover above me
I'm living month to month
building cashflow seems
almost impossible.

But the sun is shining
I have a job that pays the bills
an amazing car that gets me around
and much more than a roof over my head.

Sunburned face today
my skin isn't looking so great
and the bra I picked
makes my boobs look too small.

But the sun is shining
I'm a girl in the world
and guys still seem interested.

The sun is shining
my life is so amazingly good.


Shannon said...

Brighter than the shining sun
your smile tells
the story of your joy
Your life lights up
and warms all those around you

Kristina Nicole said...

Such a lovely poem--I really enjoyed it--it has made an impression on me. said...

Finding a clear path
She discovers who she is
Life is now her own


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